[mythtv-users] New Media Center PC...options?

Michael Tiller michael.tiller at gmail.com
Sat Dec 9 16:28:03 UTC 2006

OK.  I just blew (another!) motherboard and I needed to fix that computer.
When discussing what to do, my wife asked me what I "wanted" to do about
it.  I cleaned my ears out and said, "you said 'want'...you understand that
'want' is different than 'need'" and she said "well just tell me what you
want to do about it".

I was a bit shell shocked at first but then offered up something along the
lines of the LX-8100<http://www.linuxtechtoys.com/ltt/product_info.php/cPath/24_25/products_id/235>.
Surprisingly, this was not dismissed out of hand?!?

That now has me wondering what other options exist.  My problem with his
particular LX-8100 is that it apparently isn't offered with a higher end CPU
than a 2800+.

Here are some of my requirements (many of them conflicting).  If anybody has
any ideas, please let me know...

1) Minimal hardware installation - I've blown two motherboards fiddling
around in the last month and I think my wife is pretty fed up with that.
2) HDTV Playback - All my problems started because I started playing
hardware games to try and get HDTV working (it still isn't!)
3) Cheap - Important for WAF
4) Quiet
5) At least one full height PCI slot (for my PVR-150)

Now it looks like the LX-8100 that I linked to above would be close on all
of these but I'd have to install my own CPU (violating #1).  What AMD chip
would I need where I would be sure to get HD working (without XvMC).

Are there other things I should consider?  I've seen these Shuttle
but they don't look as good (issues with #1, #2 and #5 at least).

I don't know how long this "offer" will last so the sooner the better. :-)

P.S. - Does anybody have the LX-8100?  How is it working out for you?

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