[mythtv-users] Separate Box for Commercial Flagging and Transcoding

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Sat Dec 9 00:07:45 UTC 2006

Thomas Hawkins wrote:
> I have two computers.  Both Ubuntu 6.06.  Since I finally figured out 
> how to make automatic transcoding and commercial flagging possible, I 
> would like to offload that responsibility to my second box.  I use it 
> mostly for playing Civilization 4 in Windows, so when I'm not doing 
> that, it is just sitting idle and could be taking the load off of my 
> main desktop system.
> I have seen tutorials on how to offload flagging to a second machine, 
> but nothing for the transcoding.
> Could someone point me to a tutorial on that?  Or explain how it 
> should be done?  Here is what I figure I have to do so far:
> I'd imagine first I would have to set up NFS or some how mount the 
> remote partition which contains all of my myth recordings.
> Then I would have to install mythfrontend and mythbackend on the 
> second computer.
> I would also have to reconfigure my frontend on my master computer 
> with an IP that can be reached from the second computer.
> I have to disable automatic flagging (and transcoding?) on my master 
> server and enable it on the secondary.
> Create custom jobs that would do the flagging and transcoding. (This 
> is the part I'm not so sure about.*)
> * I have seen tutorials for doing the automatic flagging, but not 
> automatic transcoding.  I'm also not sure how good this will operate 
> over a wireless network (or a 10Mb connection) although I suspect it 
> will be less troublesome then trying to stream TV.
> Am I headed in the right direction at least?
Basically, you follow the instructions for setting up a slave backend 
but it doesn't have any tuners in it and then you run mythtv-setup on 
each backend and set what jobs can run on each and how many.

You can also opt to run mythjobqueue instead of mythbackend after you 
have done the setup if you don't want to run the whole backend process 
(maybe on a machine that does other things for you).


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