[mythtv-users] Separate Box for Commercial Flagging and Transcoding

Tom Bailey tandbailey at gmail.com
Sat Dec 9 14:34:49 UTC 2006


On 12/8/06, Kevin Kuphal <kuphal at dls.net> wrote:
> Thomas Hawkins wrote:
> > I have two computers.  Both Ubuntu 6.06.  Since I finally figured out
> > how to make automatic transcoding and commercial flagging possible, I
> > would like to offload that responsibility to my second box.  I use it
> > mostly for playing Civilization 4 in Windows, so when I'm not doing
> > that, it is just sitting idle and could be taking the load off of my
> > main desktop system.
> >
> > I have seen tutorials on how to offload flagging to a second machine,
> > but nothing for the transcoding.
> >
> > Could someone point me to a tutorial on that?  Or explain how it
> > should be done?  Here is what I figure I have to do so far:
> >
> > I'd imagine first I would have to set up NFS or some how mount the
> > remote partition which contains all of my myth recordings.
> > Then I would have to install mythfrontend and mythbackend on the
> > second computer.
> > I would also have to reconfigure my frontend on my master computer
> > with an IP that can be reached from the second computer.
> > I have to disable automatic flagging (and transcoding?) on my master
> > server and enable it on the secondary.
> > Create custom jobs that would do the flagging and transcoding. (This
> > is the part I'm not so sure about.*)
> >
> > * I have seen tutorials for doing the automatic flagging, but not
> > automatic transcoding.  I'm also not sure how good this will operate
> > over a wireless network (or a 10Mb connection) although I suspect it
> > will be less troublesome then trying to stream TV.
> >
> > Am I headed in the right direction at least?
> Basically, you follow the instructions for setting up a slave backend
> but it doesn't have any tuners in it and then you run mythtv-setup on
> each backend and set what jobs can run on each and how many.
> You can also opt to run mythjobqueue instead of mythbackend after you
> have done the setup if you don't want to run the whole backend process
> (maybe on a machine that does other things for you).
> Kevin
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