[mythtv-users] Cable box channel listing missing

Oz Dror ozdror at roadrunner.com
Fri Dec 8 19:54:39 UTC 2006


Please help,

Problem: I do not have the Digital cable channel program listing. I do 
get the analog one.

My setup:
Tuner 1: Pvr-150
Firewire: from Cable box (time-warner) Model dct-6416.

I am subscribed to the analog and digital listing (2 listings under one 
user name) with zap2it.
I am getting the analog channel listing for the pvr-150.

I am not getting the channel listing for the firewire setup. In fact I 
cannot change channel from mythtv.
I can change the channel using the command line 6200ch. I can view and 
record channels from the firewire setup.

I tried p2p and broadcast setup, there is no difference.



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