[mythtv-users] mythtv-setup, strange sequencing problem

John nesredep at gmail.com
Fri Dec 8 15:41:53 UTC 2006

I was having problems with a mythtv system that couldn't connect with the
mysql socket.  I posted about it elsewhere on this list.

Subsequently, I have done a total reinstall and still have the same problem.

ACTUALLY, there is another symptom, which I thought was unrelated, but I
wonder if anybody could explain this strange thing.

When I run mythtv-setup (as user mythtv), I get the five circles (General,
Capture Card, etc, etc)

So I start by going into General, check it out, and Finish, which brings me
back to the five balls.  When I hit the right arrow, to do the next
operation, it pauses on the Card ball but then goes on to select the third
ball (Video Sources).  The only way to get to the second item is to
down-arrow to the Channel Editor ball, then up-arrow which gets me to the
Capture Cards.

I can now enter the Capture Cards section and all seems normal.  Trouble is,
when I'm done with Capture Cards, the only way I can come out is to use the
ESC key, and that terminates mythtv-setup.

I now re-start mythtv-setup and finish the 4 steps.

ONE LAST THING: I have installed a Hauppauge pvr350 prior to doing all this,
with drivers and firmware, and I can use ivtvctl to examine all the
settings, change channels, and even record mpeg data with cat /dev/video0 >
somefile.  So I figure the capture card is in good shape.

My question: is the strange behavior of the setup screen related to the
inability to connect to the mysql socket, or do I have a separate problem?


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