[mythtv-users] Output of 'mythfrontend --version': Bug in myth?

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Fri Dec 8 15:32:41 UTC 2006

I've run into a weird situation where my Via SP13000 seems to have lost 
its xvmc capability *in mythtv*.

Running SVN 12190, configured with all of the following enabled in 
configure (passed by a script)
x11, xv, xrandr, xvmc xvmc-pro, xvmc-vld xvmc-opengl
The /etc/X11/XvMCConfig file contains  'libviaxvmcpro' (or the proper 
equivalent if that's not the precise name)

Configure reports all of these as 'yes'

After compiling, mythfrontend's --version output does NOT list xvmc-pro, 
AND it appears that xvmc is NOT being used by mythtv.
In particular, the status OSD at the end of a program  ('Delete or keep, 
etc') comes up in BLUE, whereas it used to be GREY....This strongly 
implies xvmc is NOT running in mythtv.

glxgears gives about 1900 fps when mythbackend and mythfrontend are not 
running and with the 'gears' window hidden. Xorg.0.log reports that 
ViaXvMCPro is properly initialized.

I don't know of any further way to test this. Suggestions please.

Could there be a new bug in myth?


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