[mythtv-users] Configuration question

John nesredep at gmail.com
Thu Dec 7 18:18:27 UTC 2006

I'm a bit puzzled over where the configuration data is kept.  Not under the
/etc tree, apparently.

My question arises because I keep getting messages that it can't find the
BackendServer; for example, after running mythfilldatabase, I get message

No setting found for this machine's BackendServerIP.
Please run setup on this machine and modify the first page
of the general settings.

And yet, when I run mythtv-setup, there it is, plain as day: (both
FE and BE on same machine).

Yes, mysql IS running, and when I dump the user table, there is user mythtv,
on host "localhost", and I have set the password to mythtv, and all
permissions are granted!  Database mythconverg is there, with its 40 or 50

My system is Mepis 6 (uses Ubuntu repositories), and I used the
mysql-server-4.1 and the mythtv 18-point something, binaries.

I must be missing something really stupid.  So my question is two-fold; if
somebody can specifically tell me what's wrong, that would be great, but
also, what is the strategy for storing all the various settings that the
user can tweak and change?  Where is it?  Also, is there a log someplace
that would give more useful information?  The one in /var/log/mythtv doesn't
tell much.

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