[mythtv-users] Epias that can handle mpeg4

Brett Kosinski fancypantalons at gmail.com
Thu Dec 7 17:59:27 UTC 2006

> BUT NOTE, the 2kx2k output is through the VGA output, NOT the TV-OUT.

Excellent point, though a VGA->DVI converter would solve this problem.

The CN400 in the SP13000 is matched with the VT1623 TV-out chip which
> will only do 1024x1024 out (your choice of S-Video or Composite).
> The new VT1625 chip is supposed to be capable of 2kx2k output through
> the TV-out setup, but that will equires something better than S-video
> out... more like DVi or HDMI and S-video does not have that capability.
> Some of these boards will also accept a DVI daughterboard which may
> sidestep the TV-out problem.

It's also the case that my EPIA, anyway, has a component out header (though
getting a bracket for it was pretty frickin' difficult... Vidabox are the
only guys that seem to carry them), so in *theory*, it might be possible to
dump HD resolution out that way.  'course, without an HDTV, I have no idea
if this is actually the case. :)  Moreover, the VT1625 is just barely
useable right now (you're forced to use VESA BIOS modes), and so I haven't
gotten the component output working at all, yet.

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