[mythtv-users] SA250hd sync failed on some channels

Allan Wilson allanwilson at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 16:38:19 UTC 2006

On 12/6/06, Chad Delatte <gremlin190 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I am having problems getting recordings off some HD
> channels.  Some channels cause the firewire tester to
> display P2P: Testing.......(sync failed).  I then try
> to run the -B command and get the same errors.  I
> tried a capture on WindowsXp and the error message is
> correct.  The picture tries to come in, but it's all
> boxy and the sound skips.  I followed the instructions
> on the avsforum on how to do a capture on Xp.
> My box mfg date is 06/2006 and I am running Sarah
>  Both the channels that work and don't work
> say CCI: Free EMI: Free.  I'm told that is the
> equivilant of rc5 protection.  This is for a local
> cable provider in my area.
> Chad
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I am not sure what Sarah is but I am using the modules from
You can find out more about how to setup firewire
As long as the channel doesn't have encryption you should be able to pull
the data in to Myth using that cable box. Mine works great. Try the
test-mpeg2 -r ? > /tmp/test.mpg program and send back the results if you are
still having problems. Replace the question mark with the firewire port that
you are using which can be determined by running plugreport. Good luck

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