[mythtv-users] Distro for MythTV, FC6 is killing me

Ping-Wu Zhang pwzhangz at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 08:46:01 UTC 2006

On 11/20/06, Mark Lehrer <mark at knm.org> wrote:
> > I have been trying to get MythTV installed on FC6 for last month. My
> > problem appears to be that FC6 and Nvidia drivers do not play nice,
> > specifically I can not get the Nvidia drivers to install and work,
> > yes I have read countless how to's and tried just about
> > everything. I was able to get the Myth backend working, but could
> > not get play the output.
> >
> > Thus I am in the market for a Distro which will be stable and work. My
> > system is:
> I'm sure you'll get lots of religious replies about everyone's favorite
> distro!
> That being said:  Use Ubuntu, it rocks.
> From what I understand, Myth 0.20 is available as part of their
> "multiverse" repository, which means that installation should be easy.
> I am going to upgrade my Myth box from Dapper & 0.19 to Edgy and 0.20
> over the holidays, let me know if you have any questions.
> Mark

I am deciding whether I should try Dapper or Edgy to run my MythTV box.
How's your adventure coming along?  Have a ton of problems with FC6.  Will
use Livna repo to install Myth 0.20.
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