[mythtv-users] Is something going on with Zap2It's stream?

casey dunn casey.dunn at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 00:31:19 UTC 2006

Have you been to labs.zap2it.com recently and checks that you channel
selections are still good?  They recently messed with the naming several
times breaking myth.

Hopefully you can reselect the proper channels and re-run mythfill.

On 12/5/06, Jeff Simpson <jeffsimpson at alum.wpi.edu> wrote:
> >  FWIW, I am seeing the same behavior.  All my listings have suddenly
> > disappeared.  Running a manual mythfill does not populate the listings.
> > DataDirect is returning a value I've not seen before named
> "BlockedTime",
> > anybody know what that is about?
> >
> >  2006-12-04 22:25:57.026 DataDirect: BlockedTime is: 2006-12-04T22:25:56
> > 2006-12-04 22:25:57.027 DataDirect: NextSuggestedTime is:
> > 2006-12-05T22:05:50
> I believe "BlockedTime" is when you are now allowed to update the
> listings, and suggestedTime is when they would like you to update. If
> you are using a cronjob to update myth, change it to a different time
> or instead use the method build into mythbackend, as this will heed
> the suggested time.
> For some reason, I did not see this behavior, and heroes recorded fine
> for me. I was previously using a 1am daily mythfilldatabase, but just
> recently changed to using the method built into mythbackend.
> - Jeff
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