[mythtv-users] General transcoding questions

Ivan Kowalenko ivan.kowalenko at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 16:56:55 UTC 2006

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On Dec 2, 2006, at 12.25, Pete Cap wrote:

> I gave up on transcoding a while back.  I shelled out for a  
> terabyte of storage on my media server, so ~1-2g per TV show  
> recorded just wasn't an issue.
> Lately however I wanted to look into transcoding because I bought a  
> smartphone that (supposedly) can play videos.  Wouldn't it be neat  
> to watch last night's episode of Lost on the train to work?
> So, I'm looking back into it.  The last time I attempted to  
> transcode video, using nuvexport, it was pretty hit-or-miss (mostly  
> I would end up with a stuttery piece of crap; sometimes it would  
> come out watchable; deinterlacing and honoring the myth cutlist  
> never worked).  Whatever the case, transcoding took six hours or  
> more on my P4/2.4 ghz box, and even though the capture card is  
> supposed to be doing all the grunt work of recording, I was unable  
> to record and transcode at the same time.
> So, today I decided to dive back in and really make an effort.  If  
> anyone has any advice or lessons learned on transcoding I would  
> love to hear them (especially if any of the above rings a bell and  
> you have a solution).

What version of MythTV are you using, and what formats does your  
SmartPhone support? If it supports MPEG-4 I suggest using the  
myth2iPod script, which is quite stable (admittedly, though, I've  
only used it under Myth 0.19-fixes)

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