[mythtv-users] Australian MythTV HDTV Cards

James McDonald james at jamesmcdonald.id.au
Mon Dec 4 00:31:07 UTC 2006

I have been looking at www.linuxtv.org and trying to select a support 
DVB-T card.

However I'm not entirely sure of what will and wont work it seems when I 
look at cards they have model numbers that are close to the supported 
cards but not exactly so is it a try it and see proposition or are there 
any Australian Users on list that can tell me what model and from where 
they purchased their card.

For example http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/PCI_devices_DVB-T 
lists Twinham cards but I have only found something close 

Ultimately I am trying to end up with a converged media centre that will 
let me watch and record HDTV and also play DVDs and MP3/Ogg music 
controlled via a remote control

I know that there is a host of documentation which I am slowly wading 
through. However any pointers to Australian resources would be much 


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