[mythtv-users] Moving recordings from 1 system to another

George Nassas gnassas at mac.com
Sat Dec 2 20:21:01 UTC 2006

On 2-Dec-06, at 11:25 AM, Ian Newby wrote:

> I have mythtv 0.20 on two systems, and I want to move all the  
> recordings
> from one to another. I was going to use mytharchive for this but the
> selection of files to archive is very slow... there are 150gb worth  
> to move.

Use nuvexport's nuv/sql option. It'll extract the recording plus  
relevant sql data into a folder which you copy over to the target  
machine. Put the nuv/mpg files into your tv directory and send the  
*.sql files into a mysql session and that's it.

When extracting be sure to use a directory on the same filesystem as  
your tv folder - that way nuvexport will use hard links instead of  
copying 150gb of stuff.

- George

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