[mythtv-users] DVB-S multiplexs

Andrew Congdon andrew.congdon at iplatinum.com.au
Wed Aug 23 22:59:32 UTC 2006

> I am in a state of confusion about DVB-S multiplex's. I want to create
> the dtv_multiplex by hand and then scan the existing multiplex from
> mythtv-setup. I have been looking at lyngsat.com
> (http://www.lyngsat.com/packages/austar.html) but the frequencies listed
> do not correspond to the frequencies in channels.conf that is generated
> by dvbscan. In most cases they are 80,000 out, but in 1 case is 91,000
> out. For example Fox Sports 1 (sid 3001) is listed on lyngsat as 12478
> H, SR 27800, 3/4 but in channels.conf it is
> 12398:h:0:27800:1011:1012:3001. As you can see the frequency is 80KHz out.
> Also the OptusC1-156E file that comes with dvbscan doesn't bare much
> relation to lyngsat.
> Basically I'm just confused and what I'm really asking is how do I
> convert whats listed on lyngsat into the neccessary dtv_multiplex
> records so I don't miss any channels.

Have you checked your settings for the LNB frequency(ies)?
I assume you have tried dvbscan? If so what do you use for the "-l"
option or do you let that default to UNIVERSAL? In my case, using a
single frequency LNB from HotChip I need to use "-l 11290" before
my channels match Lyngsat. If you are using the default setting
you can just subtract/add your error to the default value and use
that number. This/these are the number(s) you'll be using for the
myth card config.


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