[mythtv-users] AutoExpire clarification

raf raf at raf.org
Tue Aug 22 11:04:24 UTC 2006

Bruce Nordstrand wrote:

> Just wondering if someone can clarify the operation of AutoExpire.
> Does it
> a) Expire recordings when it needs space to satisfy a recording.
> b) Expires recordings whenever it wants, whether it needs the space or not.
> I ask because I recorded a program last night. During the timeframe, I 
> checked it was recording and everything was fine. Just after it finished 
> I checked again and it was in the Watch Recordings list. However, when 
> we went to actually watch it later, it was gone. It shows in the 
> Previously Recorded list but not in Watch recordings. There was 
> sufficient space left to satisfy the minimum requirement. There is no 
> file on the HDD.
> .019-fixes, compiled from SVN
> Cheers
> Bruce

are you sure that it was deleted? or is it possible that
it was never there? i ask because i had this problem
for a while. mythtv thought that it had recorded a show
(i.e. the database said so) but there was no file on disk
and mythtv only noticed this when i tried to watch it.

and yes, it looked like it was recording when the show was
on (i.e. cx88 processes running and muthtv showing it in pink)
but there was no disk activity in my tv directory.

the cause was extraneous channels that arose from multiple
attempts to setup muthtv. because i had multiple channels
with the same xmltvid (even though only one was marked as
visible), mythtv would pick the wrong channel to record
on and the result was that nothing was recorded but it
was recorded in the database that it had been recorded.

the solution was to remove the xmltvids from all invisible
channels and now the old channels no longer appear in the
upcoming recordings list and now the shows that used to
fail to record now do record.

good luck,

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