[mythtv-users] AutoExpire clarification

Bruce Nordstrand brucen at ksl.com.au
Tue Aug 22 13:44:38 UTC 2006

raf wrote:
> Bruce Nordstrand wrote:
>> Just wondering if someone can clarify the operation of AutoExpire.
>> Does it
>> a) Expire recordings when it needs space to satisfy a recording.
>> b) Expires recordings whenever it wants, whether it needs the space or not.
>> I ask because I recorded a program last night. During the timeframe, I 
>> checked it was recording and everything was fine. Just after it finished 
>> I checked again and it was in the Watch Recordings list. However, when 
>> we went to actually watch it later, it was gone. It shows in the 
>> Previously Recorded list but not in Watch recordings. There was 
>> sufficient space left to satisfy the minimum requirement. There is no 
>> file on the HDD.
>> .019-fixes, compiled from SVN
>> Cheers
>> Bruce
> are you sure that it was deleted? or is it possible that
> it was never there? i ask because i had this problem
> for a while. mythtv thought that it had recorded a show
> (i.e. the database said so) but there was no file on disk
> and mythtv only noticed this when i tried to watch it.
> and yes, it looked like it was recording when the show was
> on (i.e. cx88 processes running and muthtv showing it in pink)
> but there was no disk activity in my tv directory.
> the cause was extraneous channels that arose from multiple
> attempts to setup muthtv. because i had multiple channels
> with the same xmltvid (even though only one was marked as
> visible), mythtv would pick the wrong channel to record
> on and the result was that nothing was recorded but it
> was recorded in the database that it had been recorded.
> the solution was to remove the xmltvids from all invisible
> channels and now the old channels no longer appear in the
> upcoming recordings list and now the shows that used to
> fail to record now do record.
> good luck,
> raf
Hi raf

Now you have me thinking. I didn't actually try viewing the show. 
However, I know I only have 5 channels in the DB as I deleted all the 
rest via mysql when I had finished doing the channels work (cleaning up 
after a scan and loading program data). I have double checked this by 
viewing each channel. The mystery continues...


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