[mythtv-users] Correct LiveTV Behavior during conflicts?

Richard Freeman r-mythtv at thefreemanclan.net
Sat Aug 19 13:52:29 UTC 2006

I noticed the following LiveTV behavior in v0.19-10505 and I'm not sure
if it is correct - so I figured I'd toss it out to the list (perhaps it
has been changed in a later revision).

If a front-end crashes while watching LiveTV the back-end continues to
show the tuner as in-use.  That means that the tuner cannot be used
until a future recording demands that tuner (ie only if all tuners are
scheduled to record).  I'm guessing that the back-end should require a
keep-alive message from the front-end, and free up the tuner if no
response is received after some time-out period.

Another behavior that I noticed is that it doesn't appear that it is
possible to schedule a recording if all tuners are in use with one of
them being for LiveTV.  There should probably be a prompt to allow
halting the LiveTV program in favor of the record request.  I'm thinking
about situations where a kid leaves a myth front-end in LiveTV mode and
shuts off the TV - thus using up a tuner until a future conflict comes
up.  If somebody wants to record another program from a different
front-end (or perhaps from mythweb while 500 miles away from the house)
they are unable to do so.

Does this make sense to the devs/community, and is this something that
is changed in SVN?  It seems like MythTV has a few issues like this - it
is mostly a single-user system that assumes that all users should have
equal authority and that when they do something that seems dumb they
know what they're doing.  In a home with kids this is often not the
case...  :)

Regardless - the system is GREAT!  Just a thought to make it even better...

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