[mythtv-users] Correct LiveTV Behavior during conflicts?

Matthias Thyroff lists at Thyroff.net
Sat Aug 19 15:19:05 UTC 2006

> If a front-end crashes while watching LiveTV the back-end continues to
> show the tuner as in-use.  That means that the tuner cannot be used
> until a future recording demands that tuner (ie only if all tuners are
> scheduled to record).  I'm guessing that the back-end should require a
> keep-alive message from the front-end, and free up the tuner if no
> response is received after some time-out period.

Hi Richard, 

I agree with you: it is not nice that the backend stays in that useless
condition after a frontend crash. This has been reported before, I
don't know whether there is a plan to change that. 

Anyway. There is an advantage: If you go to the "watch recordings"
screen, the recording you have just left forcefully will show up. You
can pick it up and even see what you have missed while rebooting. 

And if you go to the "delete recordings" screen (sorry I don't use the
frontend in english, I hope you know what screen I refer to), you can
delete the ongoing recording and free the tuner. 

The imho clean solution would be, as you say, a keep-alive mechanism
and, if the frontend dies and comes back to life, an automatic reconnect
to the running program on the respective tuner, if it happens within a
certain time frame, or cancellation of the recording. 

But maybe you and me are the only ones who have a crash (or power
failure) in their frontends every once in a while?



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