[mythtv-users] colour control on VGA output?

Graeme Wilford gwilford at gmail.com
Thu Aug 17 12:55:18 UTC 2006

I've just installed a new plasma screen and changed over from PVR-350
svideo output to ATI VGA output. However, my plasma screen doesn't let
me change the colour characteristics of its VGA input.

Can this be done from within Myth or at X driver level?

I don't want to change the colour depth at recording time, just when
displaying from the frontend feeding my plasma screen.

I'm using a Shuttle with onboard ATI 9100 IGP as frontend. MythTV
0.19-fixes, Xorg 6.8.2. Unfortunately, enabling Xv colour controls
within Myth simply screws the colours up when using either the Xorg or
proprietary ATI X drivers (8.27.10). This appears common among IGP
chipsets along with the lack of DRI support and consequently, OpenGL

I can't use another graphics card as the box only has one slot and
it's taken up by the PVR350. I could potentially use the ATI's svideo
output or revert to the PVR350 ouput but I wanted to find out if it's
possible to control colour depth of the VGA output fiirst...

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