[mythtv-users] Adding a second DVB card - pulling my hair out!!!

Bruce Nordstrand brucen at ksl.com.au
Wed Aug 16 15:26:38 UTC 2006

This is a bit of a saga. I originally installed MythDora to test things 
out and show my wife. I recorded a couple of shows including an awards 
show she wanted to watch. She liked that very much and I got the OK to 
build for real. So I proceeded to rebuild the machine from scratch with 
Ubuntu and failed miserably. So I tried again with FC4 and got it all 
loaded up with updates and things to build from svn. Kernel version is 
2.17.  Then today, I got another DVB card from one of our local 
supermarkets, Aldi. It is a Tevion DVB-T220 which is also known as a 
KWorld DVB-T200. All went OK with the install as far as it appearing 
when doing a lspci -v and in dmesg. But I could not get the thing to 
install correctly. Let me be the first to admit I am a complete noob at 
all this. Anyway, a search on Google revealed  that I should install the 
latest v4l-dvb drivers from linuxtv.org which I did so. Make and make 
install went as predicted and a bunch of stuff was installed. Now, here 
is where things went wrong:

Before Reboot: My first card is a Compro Videomate DBV-T300 which 
appeared in dmesg correctly with the description and card=70 
(autodetected). It was this card that I used for me initial test. The 
second card also appeared in dmesg, identifying itself as KWorld card, 
card=88. This was all before I installed the drivers from linuxtv.org.

After reboot the Compro "disappeared" and became a Generic card, card=0 
but the Tevion/KWorld came up as before. But I could get nothing to work.

So....I took out the hard drive, installed another and reinstalled 
MythDora - just to see what it would do with the Tevion/KWorld card. 
Well guess what? It found and installed both cards and they work fine. 
MythDora uses a 2.16-FC4 kernel. But! I do not want to use MythDora but 
want to run with svn. Nothing against it, I just want the ability to 
upgrade whenever I want to.

So, after that long winded explanation of my day, can anyone tell me 
where I went wrong getting both these cards working in a manual install. 
Anywhere I can look for suggestions? I am on my knees pleading for my 
sanity's sake and would like to have a svn install running by the weekend.

Hoping someone can help


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