[mythtv-users] [OT] CD stuck in Mac Mini

PROTEK tek at protekhawaii.com
Wed Aug 9 05:43:55 UTC 2006

Linux on the new Mac Hardware is kind of Lacking thus far - I went 
through it a while back on a MacBook Pro and Suse 10.

Contact me off the list you have more questions so we don't get booooed 
in here...

But I am curious about using a Mini as a frontend to display 1080i 
playback for Mythtv doen the road..

Right now I use a xbox and the xbmc /mythscript setup for standard 
720x480, I would like to someday when there is more HD programming and 
content to move into it...

And the mini seems the best option so far, Is this what you are doing 
with it...

Rich Wilson wrote:
> Thanks for the hint. Unfortunately, it just doesn't seem to work with
> a Microsoft mouse. A friend has loaned me a Mac mouse, and
> I was able to eject the CD that way. I put a note about it in the wiki,
> but probably broke several rules of netiquette in the process.
> On to the next step. The Ubuntu CD wouldn't boot. Sigh.
> I have non-mythtv reasons for wanting Linux on the mini.
> Rich
> On 8/8/06, PROTEK <tek at protekhawaii.com> wrote:
>> The easiest way to get it out is by holding the left mouse button on
>> reboot - You might want to bypass the KVM fot this..
>> Hold the button before the "bong" sound and keep holding it way past the
>> point you think you should ( up to a minute sometimes.. ) it will come out..
>> If you are just using it for a frontend there is a mythtv frontend to
>> watch tv and sceduale that run's fine one OSX natively..
>> Just install and go - very simple?
>> I have used it on a mac book pro and had no issues.. There is no game /
>> dvd  and some of the other cool stuff for linux, but I always though
>> myth was for tv anyway..
>> And the Mini with OSX can do all that stuff anyway
>> Rich Wilson wrote:
>>> This isn't strictly a mythtv question, but it's a mythtv howto
>>> that got me into trouble, so I thought I'd start here first.
>>> In following the instructions at
>>> http://mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Installing_MythTV_on_an_Intel_Mac_Mini_using_Ubuntu
>>> I have repartitioned the hard drive of my mac mini, so there is no
>>> operating system left.
>>> The instructions glibly tell you to reboot with an Ubuntu CD,
>>> but don't tell you how to get the Mac OS Install CD out of the drive.
>>> Anyone know how to do this?
>>> What I've tried:
>>> Holding down F12 on the keyboard for several seconds
>>> Rebooting while...
>>> Holding down the left mouse button
>>> Holding down the right mouse button
>>> Holding down an Alt key
>>> Holding down Windows-Alt-O-F all at the same time
>>> (the keyboard is connected through a KVM, might that be a
>>> problem? I tried connecting a USB mouse directly)
>>> Help!
>>> Rich
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