[mythtv-users] Got smooth playback? please post your setup & configuratio

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Sun Aug 6 18:30:12 UTC 2006

James Buckley <xanium4332 at googlemail.com> says:
> So a prebuffer pauses happen when MythTV's starved of CPU time,
> cause I get them sometimes.

It's one of many, many possible causes. As I previously wrote, I
happily used Bob, "Enable OpenGL vertical sync for timing," and 1080p
display and modeline to generate better-than-settop-box video for many
months; however, for various reasons I now have to run a background
commflag or transcode job or two on my backend/frontend, and now I get
too many prebuffering pauses with Bob. (Running 'top -n 19' then 's
.5' reveals that there are moments when mythfrontend spikes to 99.9%
of %CPU.) I could run XvMC to restore Bob-like quality (since XvMC
*always* uses Bob), but I can't stand the video/audio stuttering that
occurs with the OSD or the lineakd/gizmod-generated mixer volume bars.

> I think getting a GFX card which doesn't use the CPU (I.E.  not an
> integrated graphics chip like the 6150) might solve most of my
> problems.

Maybe, maybe not. I don't know how the 6150 operates and am not sure
that just because it happens to be an integrated-graphics chipset
actually means that the CPU necessarily does any more work than on a
5200/5300/6200/6600/etc. Switching to the latter might or might not
help in your particular case, but as I noted it's only $40 to find

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