[mythtv-users] mythbackend with dynamic ip?

Alexander Fisher alexjfisher at gmail.com
Thu Aug 3 16:37:15 UTC 2006

On 03/08/06, Nelson Tang <tang at cs.ucla.edu> wrote:
> On 8/3/06, Christopher M. Jones <cjones at partialflow.com> wrote:
> > You make this sound simple. But what's the best way to contact the
> > backend with the new ip?
> I'd like to put in a suggestion to just use a local DNS server, and
> that way you don't have to worry about IP addresses.  I'd also
> recommend going with static IP addresses as much as you can, for
> simplicity.
> Now, if your backend is getting an IP via DHCP from a machine you
> control (e.g., a home router), then I'd recommend reserving an address
> for the backend on the DHCP server.  If the DHCP server is not under
> your control (e.g., your DSL/cable provider), then I'd go with a
> script that updates a DNS entry every time your DHCP reservation is
> renewed, as a previous person mentioned.  See, for example, ddclient
> (http://ddclient.sourceforge.net/), which is what I use to update a
> DynDNS entry - however, you could easily modify ddclient to update
> your own DNS server entry, or modify an /etc/hosts file, or any other
> way to make your new IP address available.
> --nelson

You're advising setting up a DNS server to keep things simple? :)

A couple of questions for the original poster.
Does the backend IP address really have to be dynamic?  For instance,
have you investigated enabling NAT with port forwarding from your

Otherwise, how about setting up multiple IP addresses on all of your
hosts?  Your backend and each of your frontends, can keep their
current DHCP IPs and also *all* belong to a separate subnet.

Could you give more details on your network setup?  I'm only guessing
that all of your hosts are on the same physical lan, but perhaps some
of your frontends are situated on different continents!


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