[mythtv-users] mythbackend with dynamic ip?

Jay Cornell Jaycornell at comcast.net
Thu Aug 3 22:34:51 UTC 2006

Alexander Fisher wrote:

>On 03/08/06, Nelson Tang <tang at cs.ucla.edu> wrote:
>>On 8/3/06, Christopher M. Jones <cjones at partialflow.com> wrote:
>>>You make this sound simple. But what's the best way to contact the
>>>backend with the new ip?
>>I'd like to put in a suggestion to just use a local DNS server, and
>>that way you don't have to worry about IP addresses.  I'd also
>>recommend going with static IP addresses as much as you can, for
>>Now, if your backend is getting an IP via DHCP from a machine you
>>control (e.g., a home router), then I'd recommend reserving an address
>>for the backend on the DHCP server.  If the DHCP server is not under
>>your control (e.g., your DSL/cable provider), then I'd go with a
>>script that updates a DNS entry every time your DHCP reservation is
>>renewed, as a previous person mentioned.  See, for example, ddclient
>>(http://ddclient.sourceforge.net/), which is what I use to update a
>>DynDNS entry - however, you could easily modify ddclient to update
>>your own DNS server entry, or modify an /etc/hosts file, or any other
>>way to make your new IP address available.
>You're advising setting up a DNS server to keep things simple? :)
>A couple of questions for the original poster.
>Does the backend IP address really have to be dynamic?  For instance,
>have you investigated enabling NAT with port forwarding from your
>Otherwise, how about setting up multiple IP addresses on all of your
>hosts?  Your backend and each of your frontends, can keep their
>current DHCP IPs and also *all* belong to a separate subnet.
>Could you give more details on your network setup?  I'm only guessing
>that all of your hosts are on the same physical lan, but perhaps some
>of your frontends are situated on different continents!
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on my systems (private network),  I have all the local hosts use DHCP.  
I set the MACs within the DHCP server to hard code IPs of key servers i 
want to be static.  I then manage a centralized host file that i share 
amoung hosts.  Since I'm only managing a hand full of servers--less than 
10, this is very managable.

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