[mythtv-users] Troubles controlling multiple cable boxes

Allan Wilson allanwilson at gmail.com
Tue Apr 11 02:13:19 UTC 2006

I have to do this all the time. It would help if you give us the output of
running lspci -v and then I can give you the commands that you need to run.
Also we need to know the exact model number of the card that you got. We
have had some problems with certain versions and I can check our list to see
if your card is on it. Also it is important to check the output of lspci and
make sure your card doesn't share it's irq with anything else. If it does
you have to move it to where it won't conflict. If you can't even see the
card in the list then I would recommend moving to a different slot and
making sure you seat it properly. Anyhow first step is to output you lspci
-v command. I am very interested in how this goes because I just ordered my
ir blaster from the same place to do the same thing so make sure to let us
know how it goes and take some notes for me. Hope I can help...


On 4/10/06, Kim Wall <kim at ductilebiscuit.net> wrote:
> obscure information. wrote:
> > *4)* Go to the proc directory.
> >
> > *5)* Open the pci file.
> >
> > *6)* Search for vendor ID 131f.
> >
> > *7)* Write down the port address and IRQ number (for *example: * 0xd400
> > and IRQ 12).
> >
> > When I open this file, I cannot find anything even resembling 131f.
> If this is any help, the /proc/pci entry for my 8-port PCI serial card:
>    Bus  0, device  10, function  0:
>      Serial controller: PCI device 14db:2180 (AFAVLAB Technology Inc)
> (rev 0).
>        IRQ 11.
>        I/O at 0xef68 [0xef6f].
>        I/O at 0xef60 [0xef67].
>        I/O at 0xeef0 [0xeef7].
>        I/O at 0xeee0 [0xeee7].
>        I/O at 0xeea0 [0xeebf].
> That's 4 serial ports at IO addresses ef68, ef60, eef0 and eee0, and the
> other 4 confusingly enumerated as one line (shouldn't be a problem with
> a 2-port card).  They're all on IRQ11.
> I've got a 2-serial-1-parallel PCI card somewhere, and I'm pretty sure
> that appeared in much the same way.
> For reference, I set the above up by issuing:
> /bin/setserial -a /dev/ttyS2 port 0xef68 UART 16550A irq 11 Baud_base
> 115200
> /bin/setserial -a /dev/ttyS3 port 0xef60 UART 16550A irq 11 Baud_base
> 115200
> ...and so on for all 8 ports (ttyS0 is on the motherboard, and ttyS1 was
> on the motherboard before it died and I had to replace it with one that
> only had a single port).  That's as standard serial ports, I believe you
> need "UART none" or similar for lirc use.
> Kim.
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