[mythtv-users] scheduling not using all three tuners?

Marco Nelissen marcone at xs4all.nl
Mon Apr 10 16:37:00 UTC 2006

>Marco Nelissen wrote:
>>> Steven Adeff wrote:
>>>> I want a "pre-roll" when possible. some shows I do have set to start
>>>> recording 1min early, for ones that I MUST have this pre-roll. Others
>>>> I want to be done, "when the possibility exists".
>>>> So is there a way to do ^that^?
>>> Set a per-recording pre-roll for those recordings that require it.  This 
>>> is a *hard* pre-roll and will bump other programs as needed to record it.
>>> Then set a global pre-roll.  This is a *soft* pre-roll and will be 
>>> recorded whenever possible.
>> Well, no. Myth doesn't really do it "whenever possible", because of the
>> way its scheduler works. That's what this whole thread was about. I got
>> an off-list email from someone who submitted a patch for it, which is
>> scheduled to go into the .20 release.
>Whenever possible does not mean "move other shows to other tuners to get 
>it".  It is not designed for that and will not move shows to lower 
>priority and possible worse quality tuners to accomplish it. 

Your definitions of "whenever" and "possible" appear to be different
from everyone else's. But really, we're saying the same thing: it *is*
possible to do the expected thing, but myth doesn't, by design. Clearly,
that design still has a few shortcomings right now, but the patch is on
the way.

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