[mythtv-users] scheduling not using all three tuners?

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Tue Apr 11 04:49:04 UTC 2006

Marco Nelissen wrote:
> Your definitions of "whenever" and "possible" appear to be different
> from everyone else's. But really, we're saying the same thing: it *is*
> possible to do the expected thing, but myth doesn't, by design. Clearly,
> that design still has a few shortcomings right now, but the patch is on
> the way.
Let's just make this as clear as I can in my own understanding of this.  
The scheduler does not take global start early and end late time into 
consideration at all.  It is not designed to affect the scheduler and 
changing it to do so hijacks the purpose of this feature.  While it 
comes up again and again that people want a feature that does affect 
scheduling, this feature already exists as the per-recording start early 
and end late times and can be effectively used for most situations.  
Myth is nothing if not flexible and many design decisions in the 
scheduler are made to provide the best possible automatic decisions 
while making it possible for human intervention to resolve conflicts.

We can leave it up to the developers that support the scheduler to 
decide on any proposed patches, but given the past discussions on the 
issue, I know that the existing feature will not be used to serve the 
purposes proposed in this thread.


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