[mythtv-users] [OT] nvidia 8756: XvMC works!

Steven Adeff adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com
Sat Apr 8 22:19:25 UTC 2006

On 4/8/06, Joe Votour <joevph at yahoo.com> wrote:


> Actually, mythfrontend is eating up my CPU - and lots
> of it.  Depending on which channel/show I'm watching,
> mythfrontend eats anywhere between 30 and 90+%
> (usually hovers around 70%) of the CPU and around 50%
> of my memory.  X eats up about 8-22% of my CPU, and
> after that, the most that happens (which changes) is
> about 6%, which goes to mythbackend.  (Note that not
> all tasks always run at their maximums, otherwise,
> obviously I'm at greater than 100% all the time.)

I get Xorg usage around 10-30% as well, but Myth around 50% for 720p
content and as high as 70% for 1080i, but I never go about 90%
overall. I do have issues when recording off DVB though, since they
use CPU time for "parsing" the stream. So when all three of my DVB
cards are running they use up to ~30% cpu which makes playing back HD
difficult. But under normal circumstances HD playback should be fine.

> Idle constantly changes (of course), but it gets to 0%
>  very often.  I think that the only reason why this
> works as well as it does is because the wait
> percentage is usually hovering between 10 and 20%.  My
> load numbers are relatively high (4.53, 2.87, 1.31).
> I'm a decent programmer, but I can't read "top" for
> crap.  One of these days I'll sit down to figure it
> out.
> That said, if excessive amounts of disk activity
> occur, I get choppiness and sometimes prebuffering
> pauses.  Scrolling through the guide when watching
> ATSC (digital or HD) is completely unbearable.

I always had a seperate recordings drive from my system drive where my
database is on. Perhaps your just asking too much from your single

> Here's the specs of my machine:
> Athlon64 3200+
> 512MB of RAM (DDR333 or DDR400, I don't remember)
> 250GB hard drive (ext3 for the root partition, XFS for
> the MythTV storage partition)
> SiS755 chipset
> 1x PVR-250
> 1x PVR-350
> 1x FusionHDTV 5 Lite
> 5200FX using nVidia driver 7676
> Fedora Core 4 with ATrpms, except for MythTV itself
> MythTV SVN 0.19.20060226-1 (a fairly oldish build, I
> admit)
> I'm using ffmpeg (not libmpeg),I have OpenGL vsync on
> and Bob deinterlacing enabled.  XvMC is disabled.
> If you've got any ideas that can help me get this
> working, that would be great, since it would save me
> some money on a new CPU and motherboard.

update to the latest fixes build, that may help some.


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