[mythtv-users] 'Censoring' decoding 'bad' words off of Closed Captioning

Steve Meyers steve-lists-mythtv at spamwiz.com
Fri Apr 7 23:06:45 UTC 2006

Brian Wood wrote:
> I don't understand what "phrase-based" captioning is, and how would a  
> system know if it were real time or not ?

"real time" captioning just scrolls on the screen, while "phrase-based"
captioning puts a phrase at a time on the screen.  Watch a few sitcoms
vs. the news with CC on, and you'll see the difference.  I made those
terms up, btw -- I have no idea what the technical terms are.

> How well does the TVGuardian work? If it were even 75% effective I  
> can think of potential customers, but is it even that good ? Are the  
> majority of errors on the "safe" side by bleeping acceptable  
> language, or in the other direction, letting "bad" stuff get by? Can  
> you add or subtract to the list ? Are there models for languages  
> other than English ?

It works very well, probably over 95% effective, as long as it is a
"phrase-based" captioned show.  Most of the shows with bad language use
phrase-based captioning, and it works very well for them.  I'd say that
the majority of errors are on the "safe" side (blanking acceptable
language), but that's not very often.  Generally, that happens on
religious programs (with frequent use of the Lord's name and/or words
like "hell"), which is why I'd like the ability to turn it on/off on a
recording by recording basis.  I've also seen it happen on one
particular episode of Dora the Explorer, where they kept saying
"cock-a-doodle-doo", so it would be nice to exempt kids shows too. :)

I've only seen models for English.  It has multiple lists for different
tolerance levels, but they're hard coded.

One other thing -- it works for all DVDs except for Universal Studios
DVDs, which don't have closed captioning at all.  It also doesn't work
with my DVD player if I use progressive out, as that seems to turn off
the composite RCA out that it depends on.

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