[mythtv-users] UK DVB-S Channel Setup

A Thomson alunt2003 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 1 10:41:23 UTC 2005

David Watkins wrote:

>>I have my DVB-S card running fine with Gentoo on the Astra 28 Degrees
>>(UK Sky Sat) and have scanned in the channels fine. I only want the free
>>I can watch for example CNN which shows as channel 7140.
>>I have ran mythfilldatabase but the EPG does not line up.
>If you're getting your EPG via the dvb stream then I don't think you
>need to run mythfilldatabase.  The guide information should just
>arrive - eventually.
>If you're using xmltv to get the information then you need to match
>the xmltvid in your channel settings with that used by the xmltv
>Having said that I find channel set-up very frustrating on my dvb-t
>card.  I tried to swap the channel numbers around, to get a sensible
>order on the programme guide, and ended up breaking it and having to
>Good Luck

I have had mythtv running for a while and the channels never populated 
themselves. It just said there is no channel listings until whenever so 
i repopulated them with mythfilldatabase.

When i go into the program guide on mythtv some channels look like they 
are setup fine. For example Channel 4 is shown as "4 1081" and has a 
channel listing. However if i select that channel it wont change channel 
but i get "Paremeter Out Of Range" if i Alt-Tab and have a look.

I can only change channels to the ones that were scanned in by myth and 
have no listings against them.

How do i match up the xmltvid with my channels? Is there a nice howto 
somewhere i have missed?

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