[mythtv-users] Starting to think I should use Kaffeine instead of Mythtv

ffrr ffrr at tpg.com.au
Tue Oct 18 08:41:54 EDT 2005

Kalle Pokki wrote:

> ffrr wrote:
>> What I see is a sudden patch of digital noise / pixelisation, often 
>> associated with a chirping sound in the audio.  This might happen 
>> every few seconds for a while then go away for a minute or two, only 
>> to return randomly.  Also it is of various severities, sometimes just 
>> a minor fuzzy pixel patch, sometime a large streak of random colour 
>> pixels. Sometimes the audio just skips a bit, other times it is a 
>> very loud noise burst.
>> Does that sound like anything you've seen before?
> I had exactly similar trouble with a crappy Chaintech DVB card. Just 
> one viewer I downloader from the net was able to display anything 
> without the noise bursts. Not even the Chaintech software was able to 
> show TV well. I threw the Chaintech card away and bought a Nova-T from 
> Hauppauge. No trouble in picture quality after that.

Well, the votes for a better card are certainly coming in.  OK, maybe 
it's time to start investigating what types are available locally and 
see if any match up with recommendations for myth.

One thing though, I still think mythtv shouldn't seg fault just because 
the data is faulty (IOW reception is bad)

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