[mythtv-users] Starting to think I should use Kaffeine instead of Mythtv

Alex Cruz alex at wislug.net
Tue Oct 18 09:21:12 EDT 2005

 Ah, DVB cards. There's a reason I decided to stick with the plain old 
PVR-250. Since I only have cable (I can't get Direct or Dish in my current 
location) and I've decided to wait until 2010 for HDTV to standardize (my 
theory of when the US will get it's crap together) the 250 was an obvious 
choice. Also, since I only wanted to replace my VCR, the quality is good 
enough. One thing I totally agree on, Xine is doing some pretty good stuff 
with video and TV. I always wondered why it wasn't used for TV like it is for 
DVD and Video playback. Anyway, it looks like you are certainly receiving a 
number of replies on this subject. Hopefully, something here will help. Have 
a good one.


On Tuesday 18 October 2005 06:27 am, ffrr wrote:
> Alex Cruz wrote:
> > I suppose it all depends on what you are looking for. If you want a HTPC,
> >then MythTV is one option. There's also Freevo under Linux and several
> > "free" one's under Windows.
> Yes I tried Freevo.  Not too bad.  Mythtv has many more features, but if
> the basics don't work then...
> > As for picture quality in LiveTV and recording, what I
> >am watching is acceptable for non-HD television.
> What is frustrating is that the picture from my DVB card is excellent,
> even in myth when it's not glitching.   Myth must be using it
> differently to Kaffeine (which uses Xine) as obviously the drivers and
> hardware are still the same.
> Truly, I was blaming the antenna and all sorts of things until I
> discovered Kaffeine doesn't suffer nearly as bad as myth.  Kaffeine only
> show a glitch very occasionally.  Other TV's and digital set top boxes
> in my house show virtually flawless pictures (we have a good strong
> signal), but I did hear some stories that the twinhan cards used to need
> a very strong signal, but then again I also read that the newer ones,
> like my mini ter card, are a lot better.  Anyway, if Kaffeine, on the
> same machine, can show a nice clean picture, then I think the rules out
> signal problems (or does it?).
> >On my system I use TV,
> >Music, Videos, DVD, Images, Games, Weather and Phone. And yes, I prefer
> > the old menu structure. Easier to navigate IMHO and the wifey prefers it 
> > ;-)
> Yes Myth has many nice features
> >Also, not wanting to compile my own due to time restrictions (try
> > explaining to a two year old why I have to compile the "TV"), I use
> > KnoppMyth as my distribution. Yes, you will still need to tweak it and
> > update a few drivers depending on your capture card but overall, it's
> > worth it and does a good job (thanks, Cecil). As for themes, I am
> > currently using a custom configuration of Myxer. Waiting for the iPod
> > theme that's been posted on here several times to see if it'll look good
> > on my set.
> >
> >As for support, I've found that between this mailing list and the
> > KnoppMyth forums, all of my questions have been answered or I've been
> > able to find them with the help of others.
> Well, no replies to my current problems yet, not even any explanation of
> what the advanced setting parameters for the DVB card mean.
> >Myth can be extremely frustrating during the install
> >and tweak time (believe me, I know). But IMHO, it's been worth it. I can
> > open a browser and schedule recordings, I can listen to my MP3 collection
> > using my stereo system instead of my laptop and headphones, being able to
> > choose which "JoJo's Circus" my kid wants to watch on the TV, etc, etc.
> > It's all in what you want to make it. And one thing no one will lie to
> > you about: what type of hardware you use in which compenent (frontend or
> > backend) makes a HUGE difference. I'm willing to help if I can. That's
> > why I read this list and post when and what I am capable of helping with.
> >
> >-alex
> And your input is most welcome, even a sympathetic ear can help :-)
> I even considered buying a cheap analog card instead of the DVB card.
> It wouldn't be wasted, even if I solve the DVB problems later, as it
> would give me an analog video in, that the DVB card does not have.  But
> the digital card is such a nice solution, if it works.  It's low on CPU,
> no capturing/converting and the audio is mutilplexed into the digital
> stream.
> The thing is, even if I put up with the glitching, having the frontend
> completely crash on playback of it's files is just so infuriating.  How
> can bad input data cause a program to seg fault?  Seems like a serious
> bug in there, as I said Kaffeine handles it nicely - hence my thinking a
> newer version of myth, with some of the fixes that might be in the works
> right now, would a real good thing !  <hint developer guys ! :-) >
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