[mythtv-users] [Semi-OT] Dependency problems w/atrpms, extras, freshrpms

Darren Black lists.drdaz at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 14:51:11 UTC 2005

I realize this is pretty much the wrong place to be posting this, but I
given the popularity of Jarod's guide I expect there are a number of people
here who have run into this situation...

I just rebuilt my mythbox from scratch using Jarod's guide and FC4. It was
alot less painful this time than my first attempt :-) However, now when I
attempt to run a yum update, the update cannot complete due to 2 dependency

Error: Missing Dependency: libmjpegutils-1.6.so.0 is needed by package
Error: Missing Dependency: libdirectfb-0.9.so.20 is needed by package

Some snooping around indicates that the first dependency problem is apparent
in the atrpms repo, since the new version of mjegtools is there while the
newest version of transcode depends on the previous version of the
mjpegtools package. The second error appears to be due to a new directfb
release in fedora's extras repo, while the build of mplayer in atrpms
depends on the older version.

Am I the only person to have run into this? If not, what have you guys done
to get around it?

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