[mythtv-users] Thanks to developers, plus a few tips from someone who finally got it working

James Hansen mythtv-users at f0rmula.com
Wed Oct 5 15:09:09 UTC 2005

Lee Koloszyc wrote:

> Micah.Wedemeyer at gtri.gatech.edu wrote:
>> 2) Don't mess with wireless! 
> Suprisingly enough I just bought a random Dlink 802.11G Wireless USB 
> device at Compusa and it has worked flawlessly.  Though for some 
> reason using Samba to copy all my MP3's from my Windows machine took 
> forever and a day, yet when downloading from the internet it flys. 
> Guess I am lucky.
> I agree with the remote backend, I am only using my old P3 machine and 
> it is very very loud and it isnt easy to find a quiet replacement CPU 
> Cooler for it anymore.
> Lee

You think that's bad, my first 3DFX card (Cheap brand of Riteous 3D 
card) would overheat after about 30 seconds of gameplay (the original 

Couldn't actually get a heatsink on the GPU, so I had to put the whole 
PC outside on the window ledge :)


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