[mythtv-users] NUV TO WINDOWS PC

Martin Hartman III hartman9 at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 7 15:31:43 EST 2005

Since I have reaped the benefits of this mail list I wanted to give 
something back.  This may be obvious or old information so bare with me.  In 
my pursuit of a MythTV box I never came across this information so it may 
help someone else who is in a similar position.

>From day one I wanted to be able to download shows from my MythTV box, 
convert them, and burn to DVD.  I am a life long Windows user and did not 
think this was possible to go from .nuv to something Windows could 
understand.  I read how you had to use nuvexport or nuv2avi.  Well, I am 
here to tell you that this is not at all necessary.  For all you Windows 
users out there, all you have to do is download the .nuv file through a 
Samba mount on your MythTV box and rename the extension to .mpg and it will 
work perfectly.  Keep in mind I am using Windows XP Pro with the latest 
version of Media Player.  Once you have the file renamed you can throw it in 
a program like Nero and it will transcode and burn no problem.  I hope this 
information helps some of you newbs out there.

Dowload DirectShow Filter to see what show you are downloading from your 
Samba mount.


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