[mythtv-users] Key modifiers in lircrc

Mike Isely isely at isely.net
Thu May 26 21:16:19 UTC 2005

On Thu, 26 May 2005, Michael T. Dean wrote:

> Michael Carland wrote:


> > to be printed, with the lirc config value in the quotes. Some of the
> > keys silently failed.
> >
> > I eventually gave up and used F2, which works.
> >
> > For future reference, anyone know how to make this work?
> LIRC seems to interpret the "\W" and send ASCII character 23, ETB (End
> of Transmission Block).  If you specify "Ctrl+W", LIRC sends the whole
> string (6 characters).  Myth seems to be (haven't looked at the code, so
> this is a guess) watching for a W while the Ctrl key is pressed--which
> can't happen through LIRC.  Therefore, using F(whatever) is probably
> your best bet (that's what I used).

I can add a datapoint to this.  I tried something similar just a few days
ago (using 0.18.1 from .deb's).  I had used MythWeb to program Control-T
as a jump point to enter Live TV mode.  It worked perfectly from the
keyboard, but didn't do anything from the remote.  I also thought I had
been mis-spelling the keyname in lircrc and tried various combinations.
The lirc code complains if you don't spell out a control sequence
correctly so I'm pretty sure I got it right (and later confirmed it by
checking the lirc html documentation on the file format).

What I ultimately discovered was not that Control-T was silently failing,
but rather that MythTV was interpretting Control-T as just plain old "T".
I hit upon this because during my futzing at one point I was on a page
where "T" was active as a keypress and sure enough MythTV reacted as if I
had hit "T" when I was trying to send Control-T.

I worked around the problem by abandoning all use of control keys from
lirc.  Unfortunately that left precious few available keystrokes but I
managed to find enough to completely define the remote.


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