[mythtv-users] Getting Myth to see 2 inputs as one. Kinda.

Peter Judge peter at judge.co.za
Thu May 26 20:59:00 UTC 2005


I've recently changed cable providers, to Comcast from RCN. With RCN, I had my STB connected to my Myth box via firewire, and I was able to get all my subscribed channels via this connection, both SD and HD. I also have a PVR-250.

Unfortunately, Comcast has a different philosophy on what they provide via firewire. I can get the analog channels (< 80) and the HD channels (800 - 900ish) via firewire, but the rest of the digital channels (mainly the 200s) don't play nicely. Connecting via the PVR gets me all channels, but in SD (and with letterboxing and/or pillars) for the HD channels.

I'd like to (a) be able to record off all the available channels, and (b) record in HD whenever possible.  Is there any way to get Myth to NOT schedule recordings on both inputs simultaneously? I thought of creating 2 lineups, with the firewire having a higher priority, but then discarded that idea because Myth will (surely?) attempt to record on both inputs at the same time if scheduled that way. 

<random thoughts> I guess if I could get both inputs to record the same channel simultaneously, I could delete the recording that I don't want (ie the PVR when it's HD, the firewire when it's garbage); I'd probably use a custom job for that.  I'd also need some way for ensuring that both inputs recorded the same channel. And loads more disk. </rt>

I don't have space in the box for another capture card (it's a Shuttle case), so OTA HD is not realistic right now. I'd also not be able to record HBO, ESPN and INHD in HD (since I believe those are subscriber only).

Any thoughts welcome and appreciated.

-- Peter

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