[mythtv-users] Strange scheduling problem

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed May 25 23:26:00 UTC 2005

Shaun Bryant wrote:

>I am running .18 from the deb install, we have 3 direct TV feeds and one cable feed all on PVR-250s in the same dedicated backend. My wife sent me the below as a description of the problem she is having.
>I just set up a recording schedule for a UPN show. We have DirecTV and cable channels 3 and 20 both UPN.  If I set the program to record "at anytime on this channel" it sets it to record on BOTH channels 3 and 20.
That's good.  It recognizes that they're the same channel, but with 
different channel numbers on different inputs.

>If I cancel one of the duplicate recordings (for instance channel 3) it cancels the recording on 20 as well.
Once again because they're the same channel.

So, why is it trying to record both of them?  It sounds like the 
duplicate check method is set to "None", so it records 
everything--whether it's already been recorded or not.


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