[mythtv-users] Remote sends command twice

gLaNDix (Jesse Kaufman) glandix at lloydnet.org
Wed May 18 15:45:06 UTC 2005

Eric Jensen wrote:
> Finally got my Niveus remote to work with MythTV and Mplayer but for
> some reason it sends the remote commands twice.  For example, while
> running irw I get output like this:
> [crazy code] 00 PLAY niveus
> [crazy code] 01 PLAY niveus
> It does that for nearly all of the buttons with one very quick and light
> press.  Not too much of a problem since I have a decent repeat time in
> my lircrc file, but when I hit the exit button sometimes it will take me
> back two screens in the MythTV frontend.  Any ideas why it might be
> doing this?

seeing that in the output of irw is normal (based on testing i've done 
with multiple remotes) ... iirc i read that some remotes do that, 
assuming that one of the signals will be lost due to human error, 
distance to receiver, blockage, etc ...

however, all the keys work fine for me *except* the exit button (i'm 
using the ATI Remote Wonder with the Power button mapped to exit) ... 
occasionally, it will skip past the main menu and go to the shutdown 
screen when i hit power, as if i've hit it twice (but i didn't, and this 
has been tested many, many times) ... not sure what's causing it, but it 
is really annoying ... a workaround i've found is to use the left arrow 
to go back a menu instead, which seems to work more reliably on my ATI


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