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Frostykev frostykev at yahoo.com
Tue May 10 15:34:21 UTC 2005

When I purchased the Pundit, I wasn't even thinking about DVI-A.  I sure hope that its actually a digital or Integrated output, not an analog.  Should be a couple of users on here that know!
Frostykev wrote: 
> I am in the process of loading MythTv on my Asus pundit (not R) using 
> the SIS chipset. So far the install is going well. The problem is that 
> my samsung is not recognizing the DVI. Using the SISCTRL program it 
> looks like the DVI port is an Analog port. Is this true? Will an 
> Analog DVI port work with the Samsung HLP's? 

I own an HLP, and it works fine with the NVidia DVI-I I'm using in -D 
mode. Two things: 

(a) It wouldn't surprise me if the Samsung doesn't do DVI-A. Never 
quite understood the point of DVI-A; perhaps someone can enlighten me. 

(b) A DVI-A-only output port is really, really dumb and wouldn't make a 
whole lot of sense; I really doubt the SIS works this way. I suspect 
the port and the monitor negotiate on a mutually-supported protocol 
(either -D or -A). The SISCTRL program may simply be indicating the 
mode it's in currently. There may be a way to force it into a 
particular mode. 

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