[mythtv-users] DDi Media Player [was: WAF Achieves a Positive Value !\]

Eric Gilbert eric.gilbert at gmail.com
Mon May 2 17:11:47 UTC 2005

On 4/30/05, Meatwad <meatwad.get.the.honeys at gmail.com> wrote:


> Has anyone got any details on the guts of the the Dedicated Devices
> Media Player?
> I saw this at a distributor's annual expo show last week. While the
> server is not really all that interesting to us (~2500USD retail), the
> whole setup is the first commercial media server I'd actually consider
> offering to my less-than-discriminating distributed A/V clients. But I
> digress.
> DDi partnered with Leviton and is using Leviton's US distribution. The
> rep I spoke with said the system is linux based. Retail on the player is
> 300USD.

Hopefully it it based on something newer than the Sigma Designs
EM8550, because it physically looks just like my Actiontec WDMP that I
picked up last August for 150USD. The Pinacle ShowCenter and Neuston
MC-500 are also based on the EM8550.

> I'll try to get a seed unit when I call the rep back and crack it open
> if someone hasn't already. I certainly wouldn't expect it to handle HD
> playback but as a remote frontend...that's a lot of connectivity on the
> back.
> --
> Meatwad
> http://www.dedicateddev.com/products/dma/
> Quick specs:
> # Audio Format Support: MP3, Windows Media (WMA), WAV files; upgradeable
> for future audio formats
> # Video Format Support: MPEG 1 (VCR, VCD), MPEG 2 (DVD) & MPEG 4;
> upgradeable for future video formats
> # Photo Format Support: JPEG, BMP (Windows Bitmap), GIF, TIFF;
> upgradeable for future graphics formats
> # Audio Output:
>      * Optical S/PDIF
>      * Coaxial S/PDIF (1x RCA)
>      * Stereo (2x RCA)
> # Video Output
>      * DVI (Digital Video Interface) (1x DVI)
>      * S-Video
>      * NTSC Composite Video (1x RCA)
>      * Component Video (progressive & interlaced)
>      * (YPbPr 3x RCA)
> # Network Interface Wired: 10/100 Base-T Ethernet interface

It looks like it has the same exact outputs as the my Actiontec. The
Actiontec will scale the output up to HD resolution on the DVI but
won't take any thing above 720x480 for input. I've been using mine as
a MythVideo frontend of sorts with the OpenShowCenter server pointing
to my video archive directory. It's my stopgap till I get a HDTV and
plunk down the cash for an actual frontend that can do HDTV.

It's possible that the DDi is based on the EM8620L which will do
1280x720p for MPEG4 but still caps out at 720x480 for MPEG2.

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