[mythtv-users] Two feature ideas

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 00:24:35 UTC 2005

> 2)  The second one is more like a restructuring of old functionality.
> When you have you're MythTV wakeup using the BIOS, you use an external
> program in order to set the wakeup time. The way I have understood it,
> this is done by the backend server wehn shutting down. The back side
> to this is that if you computer freezes, the startup time will not be
> set, and you will have to start the computer up and shut it down once
> again for the information to be stored. My thought is that it would be
> better if the BIOS programming part would be done at  the same time as
> the programme schedueling, e.g. when you schedule a program for
> recodring that starts before all the previously schedules, the startup
> time is stored. Also, when a recording starts, the startup time should
> be moved to the starting time of the next recording, and so on..

I guess this would be pretty easy to set up yourself by having a shell
script that logs into mysql and pulls out the earliset recording start
time for future recordings and then runs nvram-wakeup program with
that time. This could be a cron job which gets run every 15 or 30
minutes, perhaps.

Just a suggestion for a quick fix.


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