[mythtv-users] Pre-bug logging question - is this just bad scheduler logic???

David Whyte david.whyte at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 13:07:44 UTC 2005

I have noticed an issue with some scheduled recordings so that
although one of my recorders are free, it didn't want to record a
program.  I think the cause (without knowing any of the logic) is that
the recording spans over two days.

Basically, the line up is as follows (I have included my custom start
early/end late times):
Chan 2 - The commander - start 8:29 - finish 9:32 - card 1
Chan 10 - NCIS - start 9:30 - finish 10:50 - card 2 (due to overlap)
Chan 10 - Formula 1 Grand Prix - start 10:25 - finish 01:30 -
*conflict* (why when card 1 is no free)
Chan 10 - Cops - start 01:00 - finish 01:40 - card 1.

By simply telling the F1 recording to actually record using mythweb,
everything seems to be configured OK with F1 recording on card 1 and
cops recording on card 2.

Is this as issue with the logic in the scheduler that I should log a
bug about, or have I done some spastic calculations?

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