[mythtv-users] Two feature ideas

Fredrik Karlsson dargosch at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 12:47:01 UTC 2005


Despite the posting on the MythTV wiki saying that "MythTV is a
project by developers, for developers.", I would like to make two
suggestions regarding features that I think would be nice additions to

1 ) DVD burning on the frontend. I know that most of you use nuv2disc
for this, but it does not fit very nice into the frontend concept of
QT based MythTV. Also, I have had trouble getting it to display
properly in a PVR-350 with a display of < 800x400. There are some
scripts in the Mythburn package
(http://sourceforge.net/projects/mythburn/) that I have been able to
patch for Gentoo
but this is for Mythweb only. There is an embryo for a frontend gui in
the CVS, but I get the feeling that it will never finnish.. Perhaps
someone with greater knowledge in QT will be able to  fix a gui for
the scritpts ? I like the scripts alot, but there is something strange
with having to fire up a second computer to burn comfortably on the
first one...

2)  The second one is more like a restructuring of old functionality.
When you have you're MythTV wakeup using the BIOS, you use an external
program in order to set the wakeup time. The way I have understood it,
this is done by the backend server wehn shutting down. The back side
to this is that if you computer freezes, the startup time will not be
set, and you will have to start the computer up and shut it down once
again for the information to be stored. My thought is that it would be
better if the BIOS programming part would be done at  the same time as
the programme schedueling, e.g. when you schedule a program for
recodring that starts before all the previously schedules, the startup
time is stored. Also, when a recording starts, the startup time should
be moved to the starting time of the next recording, and so on..

Plese, tell me what you think.

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