[mythtv-users] Mythtv on xbox

Chris Henderson jchendo at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 00:36:12 UTC 2005

> There are a couple of install options - one of which is to create the root
> filesystem as a loopback file on the xbox filesystem - no need to run
> fdisk.  The entire system is contained in a half dozen files on the E:
> drive.

That sound interesting.

> When I boot with the modchip, the evox dashboard comes up, and I added the
> option to "boot Xebian" to a menu.  When I choose that option, Xebian
> starts up (most of the time - it's probably closer to 3:1 now)  Supposedly
> this is an issue with Xebian 1.12 on v1.6 xboxes.  I haven't tried 1.13
> yet to see if it fixes the problem.

Ok this is sounding good. So that sounds like that you don't need to
use a new BIOS. and the wife can use it simply. Cool.
How did you get it to boot to Xebian. did you have to configure the
chip to boot to the right files? Did the install of Xebian do this for
you or did you have to edit the mod chip to allow the booting of linux
for this menu.

Really i don't know of the use for the xecuter3 then. it sounds as if
you can boot linux/mythtv from the dashboard of evox. If that is the
case and it can be done by a simpleton like me, i am going out to by

I have only had the briefest look at the xbox. but the start up time
on the thing is really quick. too quick for a computer. I don't know
how it works. might be worth  reading up on that.

> > Did i get it right.????
> Yup.  I also have XBox Media Center installed on my evox menu, and the
> myth scripts installed there, but I never use it anymore.

I have taken so long to get this ruddy mythbox going i would prefer to
use mythtv app so the wife see the money that i have spent. ;-)

> Since I got my myth frontend working and configured the way I like, I
> haven't spent much time in the dashboard, or doing "other stuff."
> Supposedly I'd be able to play on xBox Live, but I have my suspicions - it
> would be easy enough to detect that the box has been modded even if the
> modchip is disabled (just by the presence of unauthorized files on the HD)

well i was wondering that, if they use a worm to do the checking, then
i would be a simple task to just look for an f: drive. if there is one
it has a mod. -banned-

I suppose that you could all ways use XBCONNECT.com which is free
(ATM)  and they don't care if it has been modded or not.

> Not that it matters much to me - I don't get to use the XBox for anything
> other than TV anymore ;)  It's a 24 hour Blues Clues machine it seems
> like.

Now that is cruel. very cruel. you are a better man than i !!!! 
Not starting to collect guns and plans for buildings are you??????
haha - just kidding - i couldn't put up with that. (can you tell i
have no kids?)

Greg would you mind if i emailed you off list for some more details?


PS thanks for the info re the software mod. - i will have look at that too

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