[mythtv-users] Mythtv on xbox

greg at nodecam.com greg at nodecam.com
Tue Jun 21 16:04:27 UTC 2005

> Ok this is sounding good. So that sounds like that you don't need to
> use a new BIOS. and the wife can use it simply. Cool.

The one caveat is that the bios that I have on my modchip is quasi-legal
(ie, it's a hacked bios) and when you buy a modchip it will likely come
with cromwell installed by default.  I don't know any of the details on
flashing the bios etc, because I just paid a guy to install the chip, and
he did all that stuff for me (which is apparently legally dubious.)  The
Evox dashboard needed to be installed as well, but I didn't do it.

> How did you get it to boot to Xebian. did you have to configure the
> chip to boot to the right files? Did the install of Xebian do this for
> you or did you have to edit the mod chip to allow the booting of linux
> for this menu.

Once I had a modded xbox, I just popped in the disc and powered up (with
the modchip enabled) and followed the install directions from the readme
in http://bit.blkbk.com/mythtv-xbox.0.4.5-beta.tar.gz

> Really i don't know of the use for the xecuter3 then. it sounds as if
> you can boot linux/mythtv from the dashboard of evox. If that is the
> case and it can be done by a simpleton like me, i am going out to by
> one.

If you buy a chip, you'll likely have to install a hacked bios and the
evox dashboard yourself, so it's not quite as simple as it sounds.

> well i was wondering that, if they use a worm to do the checking, then
> i would be a simple task to just look for an f: drive. if there is one
> it has a mod. -banned-

or even "is there anything on the C: drive that doesn't belong?" since
that's where the alternate dashboards live.

> I suppose that you could all ways use XBCONNECT.com which is free
> (ATM)  and they don't care if it has been modded or not.

There's XBox Kai as well apparently.

> Now that is cruel. very cruel. you are a better man than i !!!!
> Not starting to collect guns and plans for buildings are you??????
> haha - just kidding - i couldn't put up with that. (can you tell i
> have no kids?)

The amazing thing about it is that you begin to recognize the signs of
"good" kids shows vs. "bad" kids shows.  You'd never get me to record
"Barney" on the Myth box, but Blue's Clues is actually pretty tolerable as
background noise when the two year old needs calming (it has a narcotic
effect on him :)

> Greg would you mind if i emailed you off list for some more details?

No problem.

> PS thanks for the info re the software mod. - i will have look at that too

Someone else must have given you those details - my software mod attempt
was a legendary failure. :)


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