[mythtv-users] Mythtv on xbox

greg at nodecam.com greg at nodecam.com
Mon Jun 20 14:35:48 UTC 2005

>> The only problem that I have with it is that Xebian doesn't always
>> start properly from the dashboard. ( ??? ) I'd say it's about 50/50 -
>> it'll hang with that dreaded green pixel requiring a reboot/retry.
>> Otherwise it's all good.
> the thing that confuses me is the ' Xebian doesnt always start from
> the dashboard' part.
> I was under the impression that Xebian was a full linux install. does
> that me it reboots the xbox and then loads the Xebian/mythtv setup.

There are a couple of install options - one of which is to create the root
filesystem as a loopback file on the xbox filesystem - no need to run
fdisk.  The entire system is contained in a half dozen files on the E:

When I boot with the modchip, the evox dashboard comes up, and I added the
option to "boot Xebian" to a menu.  When I choose that option, Xebian
starts up (most of the time - it's probably closer to 3:1 now)  Supposedly
this is an issue with Xebian 1.12 on v1.6 xboxes.  I haven't tried 1.13
yet to see if it fixes the problem.

> then if you press the power button it starts the 'modded version' of
> the xbox called evox.
> from there you can do all of the fun extra bits that the chip allows
> AND start the liunx version of mythtv. (not the XBox Media Center)
> Did i get it right.????

Yup.  I also have XBox Media Center installed on my evox menu, and the
myth scripts installed there, but I never use it anymore.

Since I got my myth frontend working and configured the way I like, I
haven't spent much time in the dashboard, or doing "other stuff." 
Supposedly I'd be able to play on xBox Live, but I have my suspicions - it
would be easy enough to detect that the box has been modded even if the
modchip is disabled (just by the presence of unauthorized files on the HD)

Not that it matters much to me - I don't get to use the XBox for anything
other than TV anymore ;)  It's a 24 hour Blues Clues machine it seems


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