[mythtv-users] A few DVB setup questions

Michael Anthon michael at anthon.net
Mon Jun 20 12:07:15 UTC 2005

Phill Edwards wrote:

>The DVB broadcast is dumped straight to disk - video and audio so you
>don't need an audio card to record the sound. But you do need one to
>play it back. Are you saying you don't have a sound card?? If that's
No no, I have a sound card on the windows box that I hope to play the
video on but no sound card on the machine that is acting as the
backend.  Only thing that has come to mind is that maybe the audio PIDs
are wrong ??

>I can send you Sydney's if that's any help. If you need it please let
>me know which tables you want me to send you and I'll export them.
I'm sure they would be similar and if I don't get one from brisbane I'll
take you up on that offer


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