[mythtv-users] A few DVB setup questions

Michael Anthon michael at anthon.net
Mon Jun 20 14:15:47 UTC 2005

Michael Anthon wrote:

>enabled... a definite killer.  After a (not so) quick recompile to put
>the IDE driver into the kernel and a reboot I was able to record very
>nice looking video BUT I have no audio.  The machine has no audio output
>(and hence no usable /dev/dsp) but I wouldn't have thought that would
>matter for mpeg2 recording from a DVB card??  Is there something obvious
>I have missed here?
OK, bit more digging and searching and I tried to use dvbstream like so...

dvbstream -qam 64 -cr 3_4 -gi 16 -bw 7 -tm 8 -f 191625 -ps -o 513 660 >

This gave me a file with both video and audio for Channel 7 so it looks
like it might be just some sort of tuning issue.

The scan output when tuned to ABC gives this...

dumping lists (6 services)
ABC HDTV                 (0x0240) 01: PCR 0x0903 V 0x090a TT 0x090c AC3
ABC TV Brisbane          (0x0241) 01: PCR 0x0080 V 0x0200 A 0x028a (eng)
TT 0x0240 AC3 0x0294
ABC2                     (0x0242) 01: PCR 0x0902 V 0x0905 A 0x0906 (eng)
TT 0x0909
ABC TV                   (0x0243) 01: PCR 0x0080 V 0x0200 A 0x028a (eng)
TT 0x0240
ABC DiG Radio            (0x0246) 02: PCR 0x0901          A 0x090d (eng)
ABC DiG Jazz             (0x0247) 02: PCR 0x0901          A 0x090e (eng)

I can also dump video+audio using

dvbstream -qam 64 -cr 3_4 -gi 16 -bw 7 -tm 8 -f 226500 -ps -n 10 -o 2309
2310 > test2.mpg

How does mythtv decide what PIDs to use when recording ?


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